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Learning for Life Program (Sports & Outdoor Education)

Enhancing Holistic Health through Sports and Outdoor Education (LLP)

Aimed at developing pupils who are healthy in body, mind and soul, the Sports and Outdoor Education modules of the school seek to prepare our pupils holistically to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

The Sports Excellence (SPEX)@Marymount programme framework focusses on 3 levels of involvement, the first being enabling pupils to have a positive association through a progressive PE programme.  The school’s PE lessons are distinctive due to a number of reasons. There is deliberate infusion of the school values in PE lessons, with PE teachers highlighting 1 of the 8 school values every month. Social emotional competencies are foregrounded in certain PE lessons and these competencies are assessed and included in the PE Holistic Assessment reports that are issued once a semester to reflect pupils’ development. The second level focuses on enhancing the capacity of talented gymnasts, netball and tennis players through focused training and developmental programmes offered as competitive CCAs. At the third level, pupils are given exposure to the sporting arena beyond school – at the national and international levels.

The school’s Outdoor Education Programme (OEP) spans the three domains indicated below and is a platform to facilitate values education and imbibe social emotional learning.  

The school has put in place a co-curricular programme, in which the OEP is embedded, the Week of Experiential Learning (a week in May dedicated to pupils’ experiential learning outdoors which includes camps and outdoor learning journeys).

The different Sports and Outdoor Education modules run as threads through the various programme    components, serving as opportunities and platforms for pupils to develop the 21st century competencies and strive towards and actualise the student outcomes of A Confident Person, A Self-Directed Learner, An Active Contributor and A Concerned Citizen. These include :

Camps for pupils from primary 3 to primary 6 build independence, resilience and character (P3 pupils attend a day camp, P4 pupils a 2-day 1-night camp, P5 pupils a 3-day 2-night adventure camp and P6 pupils a 3-day 2-night camp in school)

During the WELL, pupils are also given opportunities to participate in outdoor learning activities such as trekking and water-based activities. These experiences are planned to heighten pupils’ environmental awareness and enhance pupils’ basic survival skills. The outdoor learning activities for the various levels are as such:
Primary 1 – Bishan Park
Primary 2 – Singapore Botanic Gardens
Primary 3 – Trekking at Labrador Park
Primary 4 – Trekking at Coney Island
Primary 5 – Trekking at Dairy Farm
Primary 6 – Trekking at Southern Ridges

Collectively, pulling together the different threads of the various Sports and Outdoor Education modules in both the curriculum and co-curriculum, the school seeks to offer a comprehensive and integrated programme that is undergirded by the school values and designed to enhance pupils’ holistic health. We aim to raise our daughters of Marymount by developing them cognitively, physically, socially and morally, to be ready for the 21st century.

    Map Reading
Zip-line experience
High Elements Course
Urban Trekking