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Principal's Message

Following the footsteps of our Foundress, Saint Mary Euphrasia, we at Marymount Convent School endeavour to nurture our girls into “Ladies of compassion, eloquence and intellect with God as our Shepherd”. We leverage on “MCS” to help us fulfil the vision we have for each and every daughter of Marymount. 

Our mission stems from a fundamental Christian ethos where we believe every child is precious and dearly loved. St Mary Euphrasia advocates that “one person is of more value than the whole world”. Thus the child remains central in all our decisions. Our policies and programmes are designed with the clear purpose of bringing out the best in every child, growing them from where they are. 

Character and Curriculum
In MCS, we focus on educating the whole person - morally, spiritually, physically, socially, cognitively and aesthetically - so that every child will “grow in wisdom and stature in favour with God and man (people).” In a volatile and uncertain world, our girls will need to have a strong moral compass to help them navigate through the challenges of life. Our Values Education will build in our girls strong values with sound character. Concurrently through Our Expanded Learning Experiences where we imbue in our girls the necessary life skills, social skills, thinking skills and ICT skills, we are preparing our girls to be future-ready. Our Instructional Programmes, at the same time, seek to challenge our girls on their journey of pursuing knowledge, to have a good grasp of their personal strengths and talents. Multiple platforms and opportunities provide both breadth and depth to enhance the learning experiences for our girls. 

Every staff in our MCS family plays a part in the holistic development of our girls. Our staff resonates with the School Vision and are both caring and skilful in growing every girl under our charge. Together, we provide a positive and strong culture where our girls can be enveloped in for their daily learning and growth!

The African proverb aptly espouses “It takes a village to raise a child”.  In MCS, we are grateful to have the whole Marymount Community with us. Working in close partnership with the Good Shepherd sisters, our Alumnae and our Parents, we are able to provide holistic and comprehensive support for our girls. Our girls, in return, are taught to always be appreciative of all the help and support given to them. In their own capacities, they too, can contribute and help those around them. We are “blessed to be a blessing”.

Therefore, together with my staff and with God as our light, we trust that every MCS girl will blossom into a lady of compassion who will love as Christ has loved her; eloquently advocating for a cause, bigger than herself; seeking ever to better herself intellectually and anchoring deep in sound, moral biblical values, spiritually. With Jesus as our Good Shepherd, our MCS girls will live their lives with purposeful destiny, shining the light of God and be bearers of hope to all!

Mrs Allison Lim