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Parent Support Group


Welcome to Marymount Convent School’s Parent Support Group (PSG) Page!  I am most glad to share with you about who we are and the activities that we are involved in. As a group of enthusiastic parents, we can actively contribute and share in our daughter’s school life.

About us

Formed in April 2013 after a hiatus of 4 years, we had to build up our foundation again. Our goal at this stage is to channel all parent volunteer activities under the PSG. In the long term, we hope to embark on more ambitious projects to enhance the quality of the school activities and programmes.

Our Philosophy

Our main objective is to support and partner the school in activities for the benefit of all in the MCS community. Our logo shows the many hands of parents from different races and all walks of life, putting their hands in for this common purpose.  We are red with passion and enthusiasm; united, in cooperation and completeness, which is symbolized by the circle. This logo was designed by one of our very own PSG member! 




PSG Activities

Our members have contributed much of their time and talent to the many activities over the years. From helping out with registration at the P6 workshop to manning game stalls on Racial Harmony Day. We were also playing chapteh, congkak, five stones, gasing and many other traditional games with the girls. There are many other ad-hoc activities throughout the year where our help is needed like to chaperon the girls on excursion trips, CCA performances and the year-end school carnival. We also have regular volunteer programmes such as Catechists for the Catholic Values Education Programme which requires a weekly commitment.

In recent years, we also have new activities like the P1 and P2 Indoor Picnic, as well as Family Bonding Zumba Day and Family Bonding Movie Day. These events aims to strengthen not only the individual families but the whole MCS Big Family! 




Our very own Parent Support Group Facebook account is here!

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