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School Rules / Code of Conduct for Pupils 



Rule 1: Be Present and Punctual for all School Activities


Offences / Actions taken


Pupils must be seated in the hall at 7.35 a.m. 


Late without a valid reason






Pupils must be on time for CCAs, extra classes and all other activities.


Late without a valid reason



Pupils must be present for all lessons unless there is a valid reason.  Pupils’ absence from lessons must be accompanied by a medical certificate or letter of excuse from parent / guardian.





Pupils must remain within the school grounds once they have reported to school.





Absence during Curriculum Times




The school does not condone absence from school during school term unless on medical grounds.  Parents are not encouraged to plan for holidays, family activities or any trips such that pupils will miss lessons and school activities (CCAs, remedial and supplementary lessons, learning journeys, enrichments, post-exam activities, school events like Sports Day etc.) Approval to be away from school must be sought in writing from the Principal or Vice-Principal through Form Teachers at least 1 week prior to any absence.


Non-attendance as “Absent without Valid Reason”



Leaving school early




Pupils should have valid reasons for leaving school early for instance: 

·  Falling ill or feeling unwell

·  Sustaining injuries or pain

· Displaying contagious symptoms of contagious diseases like HFMD, Chicken Pox, etc.

·  Submit a doctor’s letter to certify that the child is unfit for school






In cases when pupils are needed to be taken home, the school will inform the parent(s) / guardian(s).  A pupil who is ill or has sustained injuries will not be dismissed to go home on her own. Parent(s) or an adult must come to the school to pick the child up.





In cases whereby parents / guardians need to pick the child up to leave school early on any particular day for important matters or good reasons, a letter must be submitted to the form teacher at the beginning of that day to facilitate early dismissal.





Procedures for picking up your child / ward




All parents / guardians are to sign in at the Security Guard Post before proceeding to the General Office to indicate your intention to take your child home early.





It is mandatory for all parents / guardians to complete the “Permission to Leave School Premise” form before taking your child / ward away. We would like to emphasize that no child should leave the school with parents / guardians without the school’s knowledge.  We would like everyone’s co-operation in adhering to the procedures so as to ensure the safety and security of our pupils.





Procedures for contagious illnesses




Please inform the school upon certification of illness by the doctor.





Do not send the child to school if she is suffering from any contagious illness e.g. sore eyes, HFMD, Chicken Pox, etc.





Upon returning to school, the child is to submit a doctor’s letter to certify that she is fit for school.



Rule 2: Be Respectful


Pupils who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and place the right fist over the heart when taking the pledge.


Open defiance



Pupils must show respect to all school staff and peers at all times


Bullying Defiance / Using vulgar language



Pupils must display integrity during CAs / SAs.


Refer to Examination Rules & Regulations for more details



Pupils must respect all official documents.





Pupils must respect property belonging to others.


Theft / Shoplifting



Pupils are not allowed to verbally or physically abuse anyone.


Assault and fighting / Bullying / Using vulgar language



Pupils are not allowed to extort any items from anyone.





Pupils are not allowed to sell any items to other pupils.


Other misconduct



All pupils must vacate the classroom during recess. Pupils are allowed in the classroom only when there is a teacher with them.


Other misconduct



All pupils are not to leave the classroom without passes issued by teachers or Class Monitors.  This is to ensure that pupil movement is monitored.


Other misconduct



Pupils are allowed to use mobile phones to make calls only outside of curriculum time in the canteen, parade ground and foyer.



Item(s) will be returned upon receipt of parent’s acknowledgement letter.



Pupils are not allowed to bring electronic devices (MP3 Players, hand-held games, etc.) and gambling cards.

Rule 3: Be Proud of My Work


Pupils are to bring the required books / worksheets / materials for lessons.

Parents will be informed when pupils persistently refuse to co-operate



Pupils must hand in all written assignments and projects on time.



Pupils are allowed to use only correction tape when correcting their work.


Rule 4: Be Proud of My School


Pupils must not wilfully or maliciously destroy school or personal property or write graffiti.





Pupils must not litter.

Pupil(s) will be required to clear the litter.



No eating or drinking is allowed outside the canteen.  No food or sweetened drinks are allowed in any classroom, along the corridors and at the foyer.  Pupils must queue up when buying food from the stalls in the canteen.  They must return used utensils to the respective containers.

Pupil(s) will be required to keep the items and consume them at the appropriate areas in the school.

Rule 5: Be Properly Attired


Pupils are to wear the prescribed school uniform / school attire when they are in school or when attending any activities organized by the school.  Modification to the school uniform is not allowed. School skirts should be knee-length.  Coloured name tags to be sewn on school uniforms and PE T-shirts.

Length of school skirts should be adjusted within 7 days.



Pupils must be properly attired for PE lessons (PE T-shirts must be tucked in neatly at all times).  P1 and P2 pupils are allowed to be in their PE attire throughout the day on PE days.  P3 – P6 pupils are allowed to come to school in their PE T-shirts and skirts.  Pupils are to wear PE attire only on days when they have PE lessons.

Tuck in T-shirts immediately.



Pupils are to wear only the school jacket.  

Remove inappropriate jackets / cardigans immediately.



Pupils must wear white #socks (ankle socks are not allowed) and black shoes when they are in school or when attending any activities organized by the school.  Track shoes can be worn only when special permission is given.

#Socks must be at least 5 cm above the ankle bone.

Buy proper socks at estimated cost of $2 per pair.



Brassiere straps must not be visible.

Cover up immediately.



Pupils must wear their hair neatly.  Fringes must be neat and above the eyebrows.  Pupils with long fringes must use plain hair clips or hair bands.  The long fringes are not to be tucked behind the ears. Only black hair accessories are allowed.

Buy hair clips or rubber bands at an estimated cost of $0.50 per hair accessory.



Pupils are allowed to wear only one set of plain gold/silver round studs of diameter 0.5 cm maximum or colourless ‘ear sticks’ on the earlobes. 


Pupils are discouraged from having multiple ear piercings.  Other forms of piercing are not allowed.

Upper Primary: Remove inappropriate earrings / ‘ear sticks’ immediately.


Lower Primary: Form teacher will inform parents.  Parents are to ensure that their children wear appropriate earrings / ‘ear sticks’ the next day.



Pupils must keep their fingernails clean, short and unvarnished at all times


Cut fingernails (nail clippers and sterilising liquid will be provided) immediately.



Pupils are not allowed to put on make-up.

Remove make-up immediately.



Pupils are not allowed to highlight or dye their hair.

Dye hair black within 7 days.

Be a Proud MCS girl! Be properly attired for school!