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Aesthetics (Art & Music)

 The Star framework encapsulates Marymount Convent’s distinctive Arts programme that permeates the whole school community and systematically develops the aesthetic talents and abilities amongst the pupils and staff. 

 The 5 limbs of the framework depicts the thrust of the Arts programmes and underpinning the framework are the 8 school values as it is an excellent platform to build character and inculcate strong school values as the pupils work together honing their skills.


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We are committed to creating a vibrant arts environment to nurture each pupil to wholeness and full potential.


Desired Outcomes of the Star Framework

 Through the Arts the pupils will be able to :


1. Demonstrate love of and interest in the Arts;

  • Pupils should be able to appreciate and be interested in at least one art form.


2. Possess basic skills and knowledge of a variety of art forms;


3. Be active creators;

  • Pupils should have the desire and ability to experiment and create their own art works, for their own enjoyment or for the enjoyment of others.


4. Develop self-awareness and self-knowledge;

  • Pupils should be growing their ability to reflect on their own values, perspective and context.


5. Develop empathy for others and appreciate diversity.

  • Pupils should be growing in their ability to understand the feelings of others
  • Pupils should be growing in their understanding and appreciation of the talents, abilities, opinions of others.


6.Develop greater self-confidence

  • In their skills
  • In their uniqueness of their perspective