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Our Expanded Learning Experience (OELE)

Our Expanded Learning Experiences (OELE) is an after school programme with a comprehensive curriculum which seeks to expose our pupils to a broad range of non-academic activities and experiences with a focus on developing the pupils in social-emotional and 21st century skills. The OELE curriculum is experiential in nature, integrates learning in a creative and fun manner, and provides ample opportunities for pupils to explore, create and make connections of their learning in a meaningful approach. Experiences include workshops on self-management skills and ICT skills like coding. 

Building Healthy Self-Esteem Workshop
OELE2.jpgLionheart Digital Workshop
Building Healthy Self-Esteem Workshop
Lionheart Digital Workshop

The objectives of OELE are:
  • to instil life skills through interactive and experiential activities; 
  • to promote physical and character development holistically;
  • to nurture the joy of learning;
Level  Programme  Objectives
Primary 1
Social Etiquette 
  • Develop awareness of social etiquette and good manners
  • Know the importance of showing respect, care and consideration for others.
Primary 2
Character and Development
  • learn to be active listener 
  • overcome barriers of communication 
  • learn verbal and non-verbal communication
  • learn to be clear and specific in their spoken language
Primary 3

Building Healthy Self-Esteem Workshop 

ICT (Microsoft Word and PowerPoint)

Sewing of Drawstring bag

Science Workshop (Toy Making)

Swim Safer

  •  Discover strengths
  • Gain acceptance on areas for improvement
  • Control positive and negative thoughts

  • Use Digital Resources from Specified Sources
  • Create a Text Document
  • Edit and Format Words, Phrases and Sentences
  • Create a Presentation With Text and Graphics
  • Edit and Format Text and Graphics

  • New life skill
  • Able to use it for Swim Safer ( Material of the bag is waterproof)
  • Improve coordination and problem solving skills
  • Build resilience and confidence
*Individual student will bring back a drawstring bag

  • Have better understanding and Hands-on experience and exposure
  • Create innovation in Science 
  • Understand a basis for Science related knowledge and local syllabus
*Individual student will bring back a toy 

  • To learn basic swimming skills and to build water confidence
Primary 4

Study Skills Workshop

ICT (Microsoft Excel and Google Document) 

Kpop Dance (Optional)

Maths Workshop (Logical Thinking Programme)

Lionheart Digital Workshop (Optional)

  • Equip study techniques for revision, memory retention and consolidating of their learning 
  • Learn how to make notes using Mind maps

  • Create a Spreadsheet
  • Edit and Format Data and Cells
  • Manage and Process Small Data Sets
  • Communicate Online
  • Gather Data

  • To understand and apply the different dance routine / genre
  • To learn and apply skills such as footwork, hand and body coordination

  • Strengthen logical thinking abilities
  • Learn to solve challenging problems
  • Activities: 
    • lip-it Hexagon
    • Water Pails
    • Magical Table

  • To learn about digital medium 
  • To create nice digital painting using software and pens
  • Learn basic art fundamentals
Primary 5

Learning Style Workshop 

ICT (Coding)

Dragon Boating 

Public Speaking Workshop

Lionheart Digital Workshop

  • Discover strengths
  • Gain acceptance on weaknesses
  • Control positive and negative thoughts

  • Coding and Computational Thinking
  • Scratch Programming

  • To understand the basic techniques of paddling
  • To know the safety precautions to take when embarking on dragon boating
  • To gain water confidence

  • To develop the students to be an articulate speaker, 
  • Build confidence and better self-awareness
* There will be a mini competition at the end of the course. The purpose of the mini competition is to develop 2C (communication & confidence) in pupils. All the activities will be filmed and sent to parents.

  • To learn about digital medium 
  • To create nice digital painting using software and pens
  • Learn basic art fundamentals
Primary 6 P6 Social Etiquette
  • Understand that discipline, ownership and self-motivation are important for personal effectiveness.
  • Apply effective techniques to manage stress and uncertainty.
  • Develop and share with peers on individualised action plans towards fulfilling personal goals.