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Learning for Life Programme (Aesthetics)

Grooming Cultured and Refined Ladies through the Aesthetics (LLP)

The school’s vision of developing pupils who are refined and cultured as well as her mission of developing pupils’ full potential holistically is achieved through the implementation of the STAR  Framework - a distinctive Arts Excellence programme that permeates the whole school community. 
Besides honing pupils’ artistic skills through involvement and active participation in the various art forms, another key aim of STAR is to instil good character. STAR lends itself as an excellent platform to build character and inculcate strong school values such as zeal and perseverance, as the pupils work together honing their skills. These values will serve as the pupils’ moral compass, and the acquisition of life skills in STAR will better prepare the pupils for the future by developing the 21st century competencies and strive towards and actualise the student outcomes of A Confident Person, A Self-Directed Learner, An Active Contributor and A Concerned Citizen.

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