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Mr Bear

The Story of Mr Bear

Mr Bear came to prominence at Marymount Convent School in 2017 and has become a very popular character in MCS ever since. Our girls absolutely look forward to meeting him. 

Our Principal, Mrs Lim, who introduced Mr Bear back in 2017, shared that it has always been her belief that our girls are kind, helpful and honest, exemplifying our school values. She recognises that every child is on the journey of growth because character formation is not a destination but a journey.
She also believes that encouragement and affirmation will further spur our girls to want to do good and cultivate good habits which will in turn, lead to character formation. Hence, through ‘meeting’ Mr Bear, she hopes that she has something very explicit to show our girls of her belief in them and to encourage them to keep at it!

Mrs Lim also shared a simple notion which is “To catch our girls doing good!” By that, she wants our girls to know that it does not matter how big or small the kind act or good behaviour is. What matters is that we want to celebrate it!

The ticket to meeting Mr Bear is to enact an act of kindness or display our MCS values. Some examples include taking care of a friend who is unwell and away for a few days or helping someone with her studies who later shows improvement in her work. Our teachers will then refer the story to Mrs Lim and the student will get a chance to meet Mr Bear and take a photo with him. Of course, a sweet little treat will be presented along with that!

Through Mr Bear, she hopes that our girls will be nudged to do more and at the same time, generate a culture of affirmation and positivity.

Fun fact: Mr Bear is actually dressed in our school's staff tee and school shorts! 

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