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Mother Tongue

In the new curriculum, a set of story characters of similar age as our students will be depicted in relatable real-life situations to better engage students in their learning and encourage them to use their mother tongue language on a regular basis. As role-models of mother tongue language use, the characters will appear in Big Book stories and multimedia animations and “grow up” alongside students.
Building oral skills is one of the recommendations of the 2010 MTL Review Committee, which the new curriculum is aligned with. Two new learning outcomes – oral interactive and written interactive – aim to teach communication skills. For example, students will learn to hold a conversation and write reply.

Mother Tongue Fortnight

Delightful two weeks filled with Mother Tongue activities. Pupils can look forward to experiencing traditional craft activities where they get to discover and learn more about their culture. Pupils also learn to appreciate their Mother Tongue languages through fun and challenging class activities or competitions.
P6 CL pupils egaged in Chinese Paiting
Wayang Kulit puppets created by ML puplis
TL pupils showcasing their talents at a poetry recital presentation

Festive Celebrations

In the Marymount Family, we learn to respect different races and cultures. Festivals are the best platforms to learn to appreciate others’ cultures and traditions. When friends from other races celebrate the festivals close to their hearts, we enjoy ourselves too!

Chinese New Year Celebrations
Performance by Lion Dance Troupe
Teacher vs Pupil Mandarin Orange Peeling Competition
Ushering in the year of the Rooster!

HariRaya Celebrations
CL7.jpgEducational Skit put up by teacher on RamadhanCL8.jpgGreat combined effort by pupils and teachers!

Mid Autumn Festival Celebrations
CL9.jpgGetting ready for the lantern parade

Deepavali Celebrations
CL10.jpgBeautiful melodies performed with classical Indian instruments
CL11.jpgClassical Indian dance beautifully portrayed by peacock dancers

Speech and Drama (P1 and P2)
We aim to ignite our young pupils’ passion in their Mother Tongue languages through in-curriculum Speech and Drama courses. The opportunity to present before an audience would also build pupils’ confidence in speaking the language.