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ICT in Curriculum

ICT@MCS aims to enhance and individualize learners’ educational experience, helping them to enjoy learning, improve their performance, and raise standards in literacy, numeracy and other areas of study. It aims to elevate pupils’ creativity, developing their digital and visual literacies by providing them with an appropriate blend of non-technological and online resources, extending their learning beyond the boundaries of school. ICT in Marymount Convent School aims to help pupils develop the skills needed, using the 5Es, to be active in the global knowledge economy.
Requirements for Using ICT are set out under headings described as the 5 ‘E’s. These are:
• Explore
• Express
• Exchange
• Evaluate
• Exhibit
Explore is about looking for, finding, choosing and using information as well as using digital tools to investigate and solve problems. Pupils move from having resources provided for them to being more independent and discriminate users of ICT.
Express is about pupils being creative, developing and presenting their ideas using text, sound, music and still or moving images. It ranges from simple text, sound or pictures to the production of a multimedia product.
Exchange is about pupils collaborating with others online to share and develop their ideas. This can include sending an e-mail, participating in a video-conference, contributing to an online course or using collaborative online tools. Tasks with a strong
Evaluate is about pupils reflecting on their process and outcome, thinking about how they carried out the task and how they might improve upon what they did. Tasks with a strong problem solving focus can ensure more explicit coverage of this ‘E’.
Exhibit is about pupils managing and showcasing their work digitally. It ranges from pupils printing and saving their work to organizing and maintaining digital personalized areas.


MCS will adapt MOE Cyberwellness two principles, ‘Respect for Self and Others’ and ‘Safe and Responsible Use’.
More details from MOE website: For students

Professional Development
MCS teachers will continually learn to embrace the possibilities of ICT to enhance pupils’ learning, increase efficiency of school operations and advance life-long learning

IDA Lab on Wheels
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Completing Worksheets on Cyberwellness