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Primary 3 -  “Every Child A Seed”

Primary 4 - Science Olympiad Training

Primary 5 - The Green Culture

                    S3 Cluster Life Science Programme (For Selected Pupils)

                   Science Olympiad Training

Primary 6 - The Environment Champions!

(From Left To Right): Isabel Ho (5H), Foong Le Xuan Cadence (5C) And Isabel Sivanesan (6H)


The “Every Child A Seed” programme is an initiative by NParks. It started in 2013 to enable pupils nationwide to commemorate 50 years of greening Singapore.

This programme seeks to provide every primary three pupil with an opportunity to grow their very own plant. This gives them a chance to go through and appreciate the challenges of the planting process, and experience the joy of seeing their plants grow.  As pupils grow their plants, they will learn about the life cycle of a plant, plant parts and their functions. The values of care and responsibility will also be reinforced.


(From Left To Right): Isabel Ho (5H), Foong Le Xuan Cadence (5C) And Isabel Sivanesan (6H)





Our students engaged in a Life Science workshop conducted at Sigma Science Labs at National Junior College

Marymount Convent School Environment Policy

Marymount Convent School is committed in helping our staff and pupils to appreciate their natural environment and learn to live in harmony by reducing the wastage of natural resources.

 Education for Sustainable Development

 We will achieve this aim through:

i.         respecting and valuing all living things

ii.        understanding that we all have a responsibility to use our natural resources wisely and that some natural resources    cannot be replaced once they are depleted

iii.       understanding how fulfilling our own needs will impact the needs of the future generation.


Waste Management (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle)

Staff and pupils will be encouraged to recycle paper, aluminium and plastic in the designated recycling bins.

Where possible, used print cartridges will be collected and sent to appropriate companies for recycling.

In reducing paper wastage, we will:

i.         photocopy double-sided

ii.        use email for communication to parents and pupils.


Water and Energy Management

Our aims are to:

i.         monitor the school’s usage of water and electricity on a monthly basis

ii.        educate staff and pupils in saving water and electricity and measure the improvements

iii.       conduct regular checks for water leakages.


Our Students Participate In Science Competitions Organised At The National Level To Gain Exposure.

2017 – Singapore Primary Science Olympiad

2017 – Raffles Science Olympiad

2017 – National Environment Quiz

2016 – Singapore Primary Science Olympiad

2016 – National Environment Quiz

2016 – RGSmaths And Science Challenge