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Co-Curricular Activities(CCA)

CCAs are an integral part of our pupils’ holistic education. Our philosophy of CCA is for our girls/pupils to discover their interests and talents while developing values and competencies that will prepare them for the rapidly changing world. 

We recognise that participation through CCA fosters social integration as pupils build friendships that are not bound by their diverse backgrounds while they learn, play and grow together. It also deepens the girls’ / pupils’ sense of belonging, commitment and responsibility to school, community and nation.

CCA Schedule for 2017

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Information for each CCA

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National School Games 2017

1) Gymnastic (Rhythmic)

a) Senior Division (Developmental)

Individual Result2nd Hoop
Group Result2nd Freehand
Team Result4th 

b) Junior Divisional Result – 1st

Junior Division (Developmental)

Individual Result1st Rope
3rd Rope
2nd AA
3rd AA
Group Result2nd Freehand
Team Result1st

Junior Division (Elite)

Individual Result1st Ribbon
1st Club
2nd Freehand
3rd Rope
3rd AA
Group Result2nd Freehand
Team Result1st

2) Golf

Individual Result   2nd
Team Result2nd

Zonal School Games 2017

1) Netball (South Zone)

Senior Result3rd
Junior Result2nd

Singapore Youth Festival 2017

1) Arts & Crafts : Certificate of Recognition (Selected for On-Site Exhibition)

- Category A (P1 - P2) - 'My Robot Dolls'

- Category C (P5 - P6) - 'Splash Out My Space'

2) Singapore Choral International Festival 2017

- Silver Award


The Senior Team for Rhythmic Gymnastics – 1st in Team


The Junior Team for Rhythmic Gymnastics – 1st in Team


Clinching the 2nd place in National Golf Championships as a team


The Netballers (Junior and Senior Team)

At Singapore Youth Festival Art Exhibition between 6 and 16 July at *SCAPE The Ground Theatre


SYF (Arts & Craft): Category A (P1-2) - 'My Robot Dolls'


SYF (Arts & Craft): Category C (P5-6) - 'Splash Out My Space'


The Choir girls and their instructor achieved Silver in the Singapore Choral International Festival 2017

CCA Guideline

For information on the CCA guideline, please click here.