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Marymount Convent School has had a long-standing tradition of producing Ladies of Eloquence. That still remains the main focus of the English curriculum here. We believe that our pupils should experience the holistic nature of language and grow to be competent and confident users of the English language. Our pupils are exposed to children’s literature through STELLAR, our primary approach, as well as through our school-based reading programmes. By teaching them to appreciate the nuances of language and the techniques writers use to bring across meaning, we hope to develop critical thinking skills in our pupils. In addition, the English programme hones the pupils’ reading, comprehension, oral and writing skills. 


Reading @ MCS

Various reading programmes are used to enthuse the pupils about reading, both for enjoyment and for information. Other than reading of the prescribed STELLAR texts, silent reading and teacher read-alouds are part of the curriculum. Among the myriad of benefits associated with these approaches are building vocabulary and comprehension skills, and improvements in writing. Close reading strategies such as Shared Book Approach, KWL and Retelling are used when covering the STELLAR texts to teach pupils to look for meaning. The current affairs programme in middle and upper primary seeks to keep pupils abreast of local and international news. It also provides an avenue for pupils to take a stand and comment on pertinent issues.

Writing @ MCS

Writing is taught through two main strategies - Modified Language Experience Approach (MLEA) and Process writing cycle. The former is used in the lower primary classes where pupils go through an experience first before writing about it. The experience allows the pupils to relate better to the topic and thereby, produce a good piece of writing. Middle and upper primary classes use process writing as the main approach to develop writing skills. In both approaches, there is opportunity to move from class to group to individual writing. This helps to build the pupils’ confidence in writing.

Communication @ MCS

The English curriculum enhances pupils’ oracy skills through programmes like ‘Show and Tell’, ‘Characters come Alive!’ and ‘MCS Newscasters’. In ‘Characters come Alive!’, pupils take on the role of characters from one or more STELLAR stories and give them their own flavor while in ‘MCS Newscasters’, pupils experience putting together a news-worthy article and presenting it as if they were real newscasters.


Plain English Speaking Award (PESA)
     -        To date, 3 of our lower primary pupils and 5 of our upper primary pupils have been placed among the top three in their respective categories.  

Writing Competitions
(a)  Commonwealth Essay Writing Competition
     -        Since 2010, we have achieved 2 silver awards and 3 bronze awards
(b)  Anti-Drug Essay Writing Competition
     -        Since 2009, we have clinched 4 merit awards

Reading@MCS - Class Library





MLEA : Sandwich making


MLEA: Class Writing


MLEA: Group Writing


Group Writing


MLEA: Bubble Trouble

Communication@MCS - Show and Tell



Other Language Components - Grammar