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Aesthetics (Music)

Music Programme

The aims of our music programme are as follows:

a. Develop awareness and appreciation of music in local and global cultures

b. Develop ability for creative expression and communication through music

c. Provide the basis to develop an informed and life-long involvement in music


Our learning outcomes are organised around five overarching Learning Objectives (LOs).

LO1: Perform Music in both instrumental and vocal settings, individually and in groups

LO2: Create Music in both instrumental and vocal settings, individually and in groups

LO3: Listen and Respond to Music

LO4: Appreciate Music in local and global cultures

LO5: Understand musical elements and concepts


Source: Ministry of Education, General Music Programme Syllabus (2015)


Key Programmes

1.       Music Curriculum

On top of our focus on choral singing through the 6 levels, we also expose our pupils to the various instruments as follows:

P1, P2 - Percussion / Glockenspiel & Xylophone Programme

Music 1.jpg

P3, P4 - Recorder Programme

Music 2.jpg

P5, P6 - Ukulele / Playing inEnsembles

Music 3.jpg

2.      MCS’ Got Talent 

Similar to the concept of America’s Got Talent, we have a platform for pupils to showcase their talents too. Pupils go through auditions to perform solo or group in different media (singing / dance/ playing musical instrument etc). Pupils who make it through the auditions will get to perform during Teachers’ Day Celebration and/or Arts Festival.

3.       MCS Recess Performance @ Library

Pupils are invited to sign up to perform during designated recess slots on a monthly basis. These performances allow pupils with talents to share with their peers. Through such opportunities, pupils gain experiences as performers and learn about audience etiquette.

Music 4.jpg

Music 5.jpgMusic 6.jpg

4.       Assembly Programmes

Mass exposure of pupils to various assembly programmes. For example, the “Classical Music - Appreciation Through Pop” programme gives pupils the opportunity to learn about the various types of brass wind, woodwind and percussion instruments and a dance musical“Outside In”inspires and immerse pupils’ interests through a musical with a story told by dance.