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Character and Citizenship Education

Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) has always been at the heart of Singapore’s education system. In CCE, our pupils learn to be responsible to family and community; and understand their roles in shaping the future of our nation. 

CCE is central to the Framework for 21st Century Competencies and Student Outcomes.
cce1.pngIt emphasises the interconnectedness of the core values, social and emotional competencies and civic literacy, global awareness and cross-cultural skills that are critical for character and citizenship development of our students.

CCE Components

CCE Lessons CCE lessons in the primary levels are taught in the Mother Tongue Languages (MTL). For pupils who are offered the non-Tamil Indian Languages (NTIL), who are exempted from taking MTL, CCE lessons are taught in English.
 Form Teacher Guidance Programme(FTGP) FTGP is a programme created to foster a positive teacher-pupil relationship through the teaching of social and emotional competencies including Cyber Wellness Education and Career Guidance. Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is explicitly taught during FTGP. 
CCE Guidance Module Sexuality Education (SEd) 
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Values Education Programme (VEP)   Customised values-in-education lessons are conducted weekly for all pupils.  Through the use of inspirational videos, newspaper articles and stories, the lessons encourage pupils to display positive behaviour by expressing the schools values - gratitude, zeal and compassion. Resources are carefully designed and chosen by teachers to provide depth and relevance to the daily experiences of the pupils. 
Values in Action (VIA) VIA @ Marymount is a six-year program that aims to empower our pupils to contribute actively to the community. We empower our pupils through planned level programs that require pupils to take ownership of a project or concern. Through this experience, our girls will try to bring about a positive change or difference by putting into practice the school values which have been instilled during the weekly VEP lessons.

Catholic Spirituality

Archbishop William Goh mentioned that, “Catholic education seeks to give them a holistic education for life and love; not just for a career, not just for tomorrow, not even for this life on earth only but for eternal life.” It is with this in mind that Marymount Convent School continues to strengthen its Catholic ethos through various programmes and activities to develop girls into Ladies of God and society. Though the programme and activities are compulsory for Catholic pupils, non-Catholic pupils are most welcome to participate. If they do not wish to, silence has to be maintained as a form of respect to those participating.

Catholic Values Education (CVE)
The Catechism programme at Marymount is called Catholic Values Education. It is compulsory for all Catholic girls. Non-Catholic pupils are welcome to join the 45 minutes weekly sessions held on Thursday mornings. Pupils who are not in this programme will attend the Values Education Programme (VEP). Though CVE does not prepare Catholic girls for the sacraments, it emphasizes on both the Gospel values as well as the school values for pupils to live out in their daily lives.

Eucharistic Celebration
The Eucharist being the highest form of worship, Mass is held weekly on Tuesdays at 7.15 a.m. for those who would like to attend. There are 4 school Masses in a year where the whole school attends together; Opening of the Year, Foundress Day, National Day and Thanksgiving Mass at the end of the year. Mass is also held on Days of Obligation for all Catholics. 

Daily Sacred Time
At 12 noon daily, a short reflection, prayer or the Angelus is said. The reflections generally follow the Catholic Liturgical Calendar and school values are emphasized during these teachable moments. All pupils are to maintain silence during this Sacred Time. 

Prayer and Adoration
Each morning begins with a prayer and singing of hymns. A prayer is also said after each recess to thank God for the food received. These prayers are said by pupils from the various levels. 

CVE classes are scheduled to go into the Prayer Room for Children’s Eucharistic Adoration (CEA) at least once a semester. CEA sessions are also held weekly during recess. Fifteen minutes into each recess, a bell is rung to gather pupils who are interested to attend the session. These sessions inculcate the importance of being silent and that of reverence in the presence of the Eucharist. Children learn that silence is part of reverence and respect and a form of individual prayer and reflection. 

Liturgical Seasons
Activities are conducted according to the liturgical seasons; Lent, Easter and Foundress Day. Being a Good Shepherd school, Marymount Convent works closely with the Good Shepherd Organisation in their various activities including their fundraising initiatives and donation of items. For example, as part of almsgiving during Lent, we raise funds for a selected Good Shepherd mission; it could be in Congo, Myanmar or any place in need of assistance.  Through these activities, pupils learn to be compassionate towards others and grateful for their blessings. 

National Education

The philosophy of MCS’ National Education (NE) is to provide depth in values education and a sense of social responsibility with citizenship taking root in the hearts of our girls. Our National Education activities further provide pupils with the learning experiences to know (facts) and appreciate Singapore. After each selected NE events, pupils are encouraged to reflect and create meanings to their experiences in relation to their roles as daughters of Singapore.

Key NE Activities @ MCS

Primary 1
  • Heritage Learning Journey 
Primary 2
  • Heritage Learning Journey 
Primary 3
  • Heritage Learning Journey
Primary 4
  • Places of Worship Learning Journey
  • Chingay NE Show for NE Ambassadors (Appointed NE Ambassadors)
Primary 5
  • NE Show
  • Chingay NE Show for NE Ambassadors (Appointed NE Ambassadors)
Primary 6
  • Bukit Chandu and Ford Factory
  • Chingay NE Show for NE Ambassadors (Appointed NE Ambassadors)

NE Ambassadors

The NE Ambassadors are appointed to champion National Education in the school. The NE Ambassadors lend their support to CCE organised commemorative events and are the driving force in relating NE messages to the school.