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Character and Citizenship Education

CCE Lessons

CCE lessons in the Primary levels are taught in the Mother Tongue Languages (MTL). For pupils who offer the non-Tamil Indian Languages (NTIL), pupils who are exempted from taking MTL, CCE lessons will be taught in English. These lessons will help impart to the pupils the necessary knowledge, skills, values and attitudes needed to achieve the desired Character and Citizenship Education Learning Outcomes.

Values Education Programme (VEP)

A school customised, weekly, values in education lesson is conducted for all pupils.  Through the use of inspirational videos, newspaper articles and stories, the lessons encourage pupils to display positive behaviour by expressing their schools values such as gratitude, zeal and compassion. Resources are carefully designed and chosen by teachers to provide depth and relevance to the daily experiences of the pupils.

Student Leadership Development

Leadership Development focuses on team building, school affiliation and leadership qualities. Every pupil is a leader.  Besides a formal prefectorial board, pupils are given opportunities to take on leadership responsibilities in their classrooms, school events and co-curricular activities. Selected pupils attend in-house leadership training, focusing on qualities of a good leader and continuously hone the leadership skills as they take on responsibilities to improve school life.

The Prefectorial Board is the apex of the student leadership structure. The prefects support the school in helping to look after pupils before school and during recess, as well as supporting major school events in ushering duty. The Prefectorial Board also leads the student population in the Student’s Voice, allowing pupils to make suggestions on how to improve the school.


Prefects are selected based on teacher’s nomination. They will first be appointed as cadet prefects before confirmation as a prefect. Those who show excellent leadership quality will be appointed as Exco Prefect, Deputy Head Prefect, or Head Prefect in Primary 6 to lead the Prefectorial Board.



NE Ambassador

The NE Ambassadors are appointed to champion National Education in the school. The NE Ambassadors support CCE Department events in school like the commemorative days recess activities. They share NE related messages in school. They also get the opportunity to attend the Annual Chingay NE Show.   They are nominated by teachers in Primary 4. After being appointed, they will attend NE Ambassadors training at the Singapore Discovery Centre.